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We Do Stuff Sometimes: The Time I Joined the Harry Potter Alliance

So we all know the main theme in the Harry Potter series: good beats evil. Doing good things makes the world suck less. And there’s actually an activist–well, that’s not really the right word. “Activist” online has a weird connotation now. Let’s just call the Harry Potter Alliance what it is: an organization that uses the books and other pop culture things to make the world suck a little less. Continue reading

Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor

So, in case you were away from the internet all day yesterday and today, BBC announced who the 12th Doctor is going to be. Welcome aboard, Peter Capaldi! Doctor Who fans will recognize him from “The Fires of Pompeii”, but he’s been in loads of brilliant television across the pond. I personally can’t wait for his first episode.


Things That Happened: We join a local podcast!

So, I know we haven’t been the world’s best at recording new podcasts. And by “not the world’s best”, I mean “I’m sorry we haven’t been in the same room since GeekOut.” But! Emily and I went to Asheville to record with Figures Sold Separately, another local nerdy gang. You can listen here.


We’re right now at 2,000 hits!

Thank you all so so so SO much for checking us out and reading our thoughts and reviews. Here’s me, legitimately thanking you.


Things That Happened – The Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter: What It Means For Us

If you were on the internet at all yesterday, you might have heard that Rob Thomas finally decided to try to make the Veronica Mars film. The show, beloved by many (including staff members here), has been off the air for almost six years. In fact, we’re about to hit its sixth year mark in May. With that in mind, let’s talk about how the Veronica Mars movie is going to actually happen, and what that means for fans and creators alike.


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Things That Happened: “Nerd” is a four letter word

So it was the last day of fall semester. I was walking back down from the radio station, having just turned in my final project for the semester (I swear there’s a point here). As I’m walking down, a school bus drives by. This is a perfectly normal occurrence, seeing as our campus is essentially the entire town. As the bus goes by, a little middle school aged girl sticks her head out of the bus window and screams, “NERD!” I looked around. I was the only person around. I looked after the bus and said, “Thanks?” before laughing and continuing the walk back down. But this got me to thinking.


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Things that Happened: The Legend of Zelda edition.

Okay, so I had to go on a media blackout for three days this week for a class project. No phone, no television, no internet. Couldn’t even read on my Kindle. Yeah, it was…bad, to say the least. But one of the stipulations of the project was that we had to have a ful thirty minute face-to-face conversation with someone. So what do I do? Plop down with my friends and co-writers and we discuss nerdy things, as we do in the mountains of North Carolina.

Our topic of the day was related to Wreck-It Ralph and Disney’s recent purchase of Lucasfilms (which will more than likely be covered in depth in a later article). We started talking about what could be super awesome if Disney decided to go ahead and purchase Nintendo and Sega and a few other video game companies. First thought was: Oh my God, a Pixar Pokémon movie! Second thought was: Oh my God, a Pixar Legend of Zelda movie!

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