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For the past ten years we have seen more films based of off comic books than we have ever seen before.  This is great! I love most of the films that come out and I will probably see any film … Continue reading

In Defense of DC’s New 52


Jim Lee’s Artwork ❤

In 2011 DC thought up a new marketing strategy to get people to buy more of their comics. At this point, Marvel Comics was kicking their butts when it came to sales, and DC needed something new and fresh. What they did was create something called “The New 52.” A lot of people were wondering if this would be similar to their event 52 in which DC released an issue of the event every week for 52 weeks. We were dead wrong. What they did choose to do was a complete overhaul of the universe combining certain universes and breaking a way new ones and essentially rebooting the entire DC Universe.  Unfortunately this was very controversial and lead to many people dropping DC altogether, and bad mouthing them at any chance they could.  However, unlike some comic fans I am a little more open minded and decided to actually give the new universe a chance. Continue reading

Things That Happened – The Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter: What It Means For Us

If you were on the internet at all yesterday, you might have heard that Rob Thomas finally decided to try to make the Veronica Mars film. The show, beloved by many (including staff members here), has been off the air for almost six years. In fact, we’re about to hit its sixth year mark in May. With that in mind, let’s talk about how the Veronica Mars movie is going to actually happen, and what that means for fans and creators alike.


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Opinion Time: Marvel Losing Its Grip-Part Two: Spider-Man


Disclaimer: The following is an opinion piece and does not reflect the opinions of all writers of The Nerdicon. I have strong feelings on this subject that I wish to share with you. My opinion has no bearing on yours. I welcome feedback, even if you disagree. I do not mean to bash any of our readers who might be a fan of Marvel comics or other Marvel properties. Opinions are amazing, and I will respect yours if you respect mine. That being said, let’s begin.

Alright, and we are back again for me to gripe a bit more on my disappointment with Marvel comics. Our topic this time? Spider-Man…oh Spider-Man, why does Marvel not respect their flagship character anymore? You would think that with such a popular character they would want to at least keep the fans happy so they don’t leave, but hey, he is arguably there highest selling book sans the X-Men ( I will get to them eventually) and The Avengers. Continue reading