In Memory of Robin Williams

It’s taken me this whole week to come to terms with this. Not because he was a person I really knew, but because it all just seemed like it wasn’t real. But it is real, and it’s still hard to process.Robin Williams was a great comedian. Not just with acting, but in his real life. He was known to crack jokes with shop owners in his native San Francisco. He would bring joy to soldiers during USO tours. He would visit children’s hospitals to make the kids smile.

He was our childhood. Whether you grew up watching Happy Days or Mork and Mindy or if you knew him from animated movies like Aladdin and Fern Gully, he was the one who brought the laughs. He could be serious, when he needed to be. What Dreams May Come and Dead Poets Society were way too deep for ten-year-old me, but as an adult, I love them more.

There is a cautionary tale to his story and his life, though. Suicide is never the answer. Never. Even if it feels like the darkness is too big and too deep, there’s always someone who cares. A list of resources and help lines can be found here, including a chatline if you don’t do phones so well.

To the man who will always be my Peter Pan, I hope you have found peace in Neverland.


One response to “In Memory of Robin Williams

  1. Yup.r.i.p robin williams nanu nanu

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