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In Memory of Robin Williams

It’s taken me this whole week to come to terms with this. Not because he was a person I really knew, but because it all just seemed like it wasn’t real. But it is real, and it’s still hard to process. Continue reading

Ben Affleck to be Batman

Today (or yesterday, if you’re in a different time zone) (oh, hell. THURSDAY), Warner Brothers announced that Ben Affleck, of Chasing Amy and Argo fame, will be playing the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne in the upcoming Batman/Superman film.

While this seems to have caused a rift in the fanbase, I’m torn. Part of me thinks, OH YES BEN AFFLECK IN THE BATSUIT AND IN SHIRTLESS SCENES WHERE HE’S ALL BRUISED. Another part of me is wondering if he can be dark and brooding enough for the role. Either way, I’m really excited about it.


Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor

So, in case you were away from the internet all day yesterday and today, BBC announced who the 12th Doctor is going to be. Welcome aboard, Peter Capaldi! Doctor Who fans will recognize him from “The Fires of Pompeii”, but he’s been in loads of brilliant television across the pond. I personally can’t wait for his first episode.


Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who

As some of you may know (or may not, if you don’t have Twitter or Tumblr), Matt Smith has announced that this year’s Christmas special will be his last episode as the Doctor. While this is of course somewhat sad news, I personally can’t wait to see what projects he has coming up. I just hope he gets as lovely of a send off as David Tennant had.

Neverwhere: The Radio Play

Richard and Door

Richard and Door

So you guys know how I was freaking out about BBC Radio 4’s production of Neverwhere? Well, it aired this past Saturday. And it’s so good. Seriously. I really dig radio plays, and I really dig pretty much everything BBC does (*cough* hence why I want to work there *cough*). Give it a shot! It’s got Neil himself as a character! Check it out here. It’s about an hour per section, but it’s perfectly eerie and spooky. And it’s got Anthony Head as Croup!


Things That Happened – The Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter: What It Means For Us

If you were on the internet at all yesterday, you might have heard that Rob Thomas finally decided to try to make the Veronica Mars film. The show, beloved by many (including staff members here), has been off the air for almost six years. In fact, we’re about to hit its sixth year mark in May. With that in mind, let’s talk about how the Veronica Mars movie is going to actually happen, and what that means for fans and creators alike.


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Okay, so in case you guys didn’t know, us kids here at the Nerdicon adore Neil Gaiman. A lot. A lot a lot. And the lovely folks at Radio 4 in the UK are doing a radio adaptation of Neil’s novel Neverwhere. I know I talked about the miniseries version of it on our last podcast, but HOLY CRAP, TALK ABOUT AN AMAZING AWESOME CAST. I’m talkin’ James McAvoy, Natalie Dorner, ANTHONY HEAD YOU GUYS, Benedict Cumberbatch, CHRISTOPHER FREAKIN’ LEE. Okay, that’s not even the entire cast, but that’s just a hint of the awesomeness that’s going to air. There’s an hour long episode on March 16th, and you can be damn sure I’ll be here flailing about talking about it.


Things That Happened: “Nerd” is a four letter word

So it was the last day of fall semester. I was walking back down from the radio station, having just turned in my final project for the semester (I swear there’s a point here). As I’m walking down, a school bus drives by. This is a perfectly normal occurrence, seeing as our campus is essentially the entire town. As the bus goes by, a little middle school aged girl sticks her head out of the bus window and screams, “NERD!” I looked around. I was the only person around. I looked after the bus and said, “Thanks?” before laughing and continuing the walk back down. But this got me to thinking.


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So it’s Finals Week…

Sorry for the lack of content this week, folks. We went through Hell Week and now Finals Week. But we have a special podcast going up this Friday, so stay tuned!


Happy Mid-Autumn Break!

We hope all of our readers had a great Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday (for those of you who celebrate it). We’ll return to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow evening!

–Ley, Coty, Jeffery, and Emily