Neverwhere: The Radio Play

Richard and Door

Richard and Door

So you guys know how I was freaking out about BBC Radio 4’s production of Neverwhere? Well, it aired this past Saturday. And it’s so good. Seriously. I really dig radio plays, and I really dig pretty much everything BBC does (*cough* hence why I want to work there *cough*). Give it a shot! It’s got Neil himself as a character! Check it out here. It’s about an hour per section, but it’s perfectly eerie and spooky. And it’s got Anthony Head as Croup!


2 responses to “Neverwhere: The Radio Play

  1. Frivolous Monsters

    Don’t miss the rest of it! The further parts have been on every day this week on BBC 7. They’re all half an hour long. If you missed them then you’d better catch up on the i-Player sometime soon.

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