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Man or Walrus: A Review of Kevin Smith’s Tusk

Kevin Smith knows how to connect. That’s been proven time and time again. Even if the story doesn’t connect with you, he, as a person, will. He’s quite possibly the most social media adept film maker at the moment. That’s actually why we even have Tusk.  Continue reading

Put a Kitty in your mouth! — A review of Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie and Jay and Silent Bob Get Old

super groovySo a little while back, my mother bought me tickets to see Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes record their weekly podcast and the North Carolina premiere of Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie.  Originally, the show was supposed to be in June. I’ll get back to that point later.

Continue reading

Things That Happened: We join a local podcast!

So, I know we haven’t been the world’s best at recording new podcasts. And by “not the world’s best”, I mean “I’m sorry we haven’t been in the same room since GeekOut.” But! Emily and I went to Asheville to record with Figures Sold Separately, another local nerdy gang. You can listen here.


Nifty news!

So, by the magical powers of technology, our podcasts are now on iTunes! You can just look us up in the iTunes store and BOOM! We’re there! So yay!


We’re bringing the party to you–The Special Edition Avengers Podcast

We finally managed to record a new podcast! We talk about our Avengers feels here!

We (finally) did another podcast!

We talk about movies! YAY MOVIES! Listen here!


The Nerdicon Podcast! Nerd News and Oscars!

The Nerdicon Podcast! Nerd News and Oscars!

We’re baaaaaaack!

Special Edition Podcast!


We play Candyland. Hilarity ensues.

In your head, in your heeeeeeead, ZOMBIE!


This week we talk about our cultural obsession with zombies. Our friend Jamie joins in on the discussion.

Podcast Episode 3: Attack of the Adaptation


This week we talked about adaptations, of all kinds, what they mean, how they can be good, and how they can be awful.