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You Make Me Wanna Settle Down; Elysium Review

After many crazy things this week my review for Elysium is finally here. Sorry to all for my extreme lateness. Needless to say I was extremely excited for this film. District 9, to me, was a refreshing science fiction movie that hooked me on all levels and I couldn’t wait to see what Neill Blomkamp would do next. That movie is here and its name is Elysium. But, Is TriStar’s and MRC’s Elysium worth the price of a ticket to the extremely shiny space ship? Well I would, at least, consider it. Continue reading

Mother Nature is a Serial Killer: A review of World War Z

It is here. After the many production problems and delays, Paramount Pictures’ very risky film World War Z has finally been released! The question is, was it worth the wait? Yes and no.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good zombie movie. I absolutely love 28 Days Later. Hell, I even love the completely awful ones that you just love for no reason. *Cough Cough* Automaton Transfusion *Cough Cough*. Including the completely god awful ones that you just watch to numb your mind. I’m looking at you House of the Dead, I’m looking at you really, really hard. Sometimes a movie zombie movie, or really any genre of movie, will come along and just make you think to yourself for a while if you really enjoyed it. World War Z is that movie for me. Continue reading

Nifty news!

So, by the magical powers of technology, our podcasts are now on iTunes! You can just look us up in the iTunes store and BOOM! We’re there! So yay!


Do Not Disturb The Family – Stoker Review


Park Chan-wook is a director that I have much admiration for. His stories and worlds are always amazing, thought-provoking and interesting. I was hooked on this director from his Vengeance movies.  More specifically, the first film I watched from him, Oldboy. Due for a remake from Spike Lee soon, Oldboy is a film that once you sit down on this roller-coaster you don’t want to get off. You want to keep going again and again and again until someone, physically, forces you get off and let others have a turn. I know the first time I watched Oldboy I fell in love with the film and wanted to watch more from this director. When it was announced that Park Chan-wook would be directing Stoker as his English-language debut, I knew I had to see this film and that I would need to find a way to plant myself in a seat as soon as the movie is released. Boy, I was not disappointed. Continue reading

Feast On This: An Evil Dead Review

So, we’ve decided to switch things up a bit.

Here is where you can find the first ever video review from us. It’s also our first try at Google+ Hangouts, soooooo be kind. Some of us don’t know how to techno (*cough* Coty *cough*).

Big Damn Heroes: A Firefly Retrospective

What can I say about this show that hasn’t been said many times before. It is a show just happens to be miles ahead of its time and will be remembered forever. Now I could tell you all about the story and every connection. I could tell you everything about the characters and their developments throughout the show. Since I’m sure you’ve heard or read that kind of article many, many times before, this article will not be that. Instead I am going to tell you what makes this show stand out from others and if you haven’t watch it… Why? Stop reading this and go watch it for yourself. Seriously. Go. Anyways…Fireflyopeninglogo

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We (finally) did another podcast!

We talk about movies! YAY MOVIES! Listen here!

Video Game Movies and You

I believe it is safe to say that video game films… well… they suck. They suck hardcore. We want them to be great but it just never seems to completely make the transition. It’s not their fault. They never asked for this. A lot of them get really close to being that great film but something surrounding the film just seems to bring the level of quality down to zero. Very few, if any, get any of the source material right. Who do we have to blame? Do we blame the director? Do we blame the cast? The writers? Do we blame our complex needs when it comes to good films? Who do we point our unforgiving fingers at? I went back and watched a good amount of these dreaded films to see how I felt about them now. Let’s take a look into a couple of the more notable video game films to have graced any screen, American or foreign, and what makes them good or bad. Continue reading

I’m Gonna Wreck It: A Wreck-It Ralph Review

2012 has been a very interesting year for Disney. The release of the box office bomb, John Carter, the box office marvel (Ha!), The Avengers, along with Brave, The Odd Life of Timothy Green, and Frankenweenie. While I thoroughly enjoyed The Avengers and Brave was just a lot of fun, I was eagerly waiting another movie from Walt Disney Animation Studios that showed much promise from the very first teaser trailer. That movie is Wreck-It Ralph.

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