Big Damn Heroes: A Firefly Retrospective

What can I say about this show that hasn’t been said many times before. It is a show just happens to be miles ahead of its time and will be remembered forever. Now I could tell you all about the story and every connection. I could tell you everything about the characters and their developments throughout the show. Since I’m sure you’ve heard or read that kind of article many, many times before, this article will not be that. Instead I am going to tell you what makes this show stand out from others and if you haven’t watch it… Why? Stop reading this and go watch it for yourself. Seriously. Go. Anyways…Fireflyopeninglogo

The Feel of Firefly
“Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterpr-“…. Wrong show. Please excuse me. Let’s get back on track here.
Firefly’s setting will just remind you of a Western but in space. Considering that Space Western Drama is the genre for this show, I think it pulls off that feel just well. Originally that is what pulled me to this show. As a child I grew up with Westerns. Hell, I wanted to be a freakin’ cowboy until I was like 6. Let us get more into the show. Set in 2517, the show follows the crew of Serenity which is a “Firefly- class” spaceship. Everything from the casts outfits to the absolutely beautiful theme song captures you into this world… excuse me, this universe. Listening to “The Ballad of Serenity” during the opening credits is easily one of the best feelings you can have as the show begins. Even just listening to the soundtrack during the show sets the mood and atmosphere of a beautiful, western tale. That is a level of awesomeness that Firefly has achieved once over. It is not often a show can do that but when it does, you hold on to that show.Behind the scenes- Firefly Crew

The Characters of Firefly
Usually when you watch a show you end up loving, and being able to relate to, one or two characters out of the entire show. With Firefly that is not the case. At least for me, I am able to relate myself to just about everyone on the damn ship. Mal, Zoe, Wash, Jayne, Kaylee, River, Dr. Simon, and Shepherd all connect together to bring this family to the screen and ways that others shows, I fell, have not yet captured. It is that since of everyone needs each other and without one of them nothing feels the same. It is never hard to choose a favorite character and really no choice is ever a wrong choice. Like I mentioned before, each character, as the series goes on, derives off each other. They need each other in their own ways and that is what makes it perfect. If I had to choose, and after much debate with myself after re-watching the series and movie, I would say that Shepherd, or Derrial Book, is my favorite character. Everything about him I find interesting and awesome. His mysterious past that had molded him to become who he is is just awesome.Book

With a movie, graphic novels, reunion specials, and conventions, Firefly has gained an intense cult following. Am I right, Browncoats? During and after the show’s original run in 2002 of FOX, it gained a respectable and welcoming, at least in my eyes, following that has been growing and growing has more interested viewers find the show on Netflix. Me being a redditor, I follow Firefly on, of course, /r/firefly. I feel like most of the people there are just happy people are finding this show. You see many comments from other redditors whose girlfriend, boyfriend, sister, or brother has jumped onto the Firefly train. It’s a loving community and I would love to see it continue.

Basically I love Firefly and I love Serenity. Some people do not like Serenity but I can watch it anytime I decide to have another Firefly marathon. The characters are great, the story (which I didn’t get into because you should just watch it and read the graphic novels if you don’t know the story by now) is great, the setting is great, even the freakin’ camerawork and set design is awesome. With knowing the amount of budget they had to work with that makes this show even greater in my eyes. This kind of drama is being pushed over and slowly dying to make way for more unneeded crap that fills the TV. I know if they had more to work with and went on for more than just one season we would have an amazing series, not that it already isn’t, on our hands that could even be going on still to this day. I love Firefly, always and forever.


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