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Death can be kind: A Review of Deathless

Hi hello. I’m baaaaaack. Thanks, work, grad school, and life. Anyway.

Deathless by Catherine M. Valente  is the fairy tale you always wanted to read. Continue reading

Only a duck pond: A review of The Ocean at the End of the Lane (A Novel Concepts review)

Neil Gaiman is an incredible author. He’s an incredible storyteller. That isn’t really an opinion. It’s more of a known fact. He can create worlds within this world, and make us almost believe it’s real. He can create characters that seem like they’re on the edges of society, but really, they’re just like us.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane is no exception.

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In your head, in your heeeeeeead, ZOMBIE!


This week we talk about our cultural obsession with zombies. Our friend Jamie joins in on the discussion.

Podcast Episode 3: Attack of the Adaptation


This week we talked about adaptations, of all kinds, what they mean, how they can be good, and how they can be awful.