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We Do Stuff Sometimes: The Time I Joined the Harry Potter Alliance

So we all know the main theme in the Harry Potter series: good beats evil. Doing good things makes the world suck less. And there’s actually an activist–well, that’s not really the right word. “Activist” online has a weird connotation now. Let’s just call the Harry Potter Alliance what it is: an organization that uses the books and other pop culture things to make the world suck a little less. Continue reading

Things That Happened: We join a local podcast!

So, I know we haven’t been the world’s best at recording new podcasts. And by “not the world’s best”, I mean “I’m sorry we haven’t been in the same room since GeekOut.” But! Emily and I went to Asheville to record with Figures Sold Separately, another local nerdy gang. You can listen here.


So, some updates, since I’m sure you guys want more than just reviews

Okay, so we kinda suck at updates. Well, about us kinda updates. Sorry about that, guys.

Anyway. We’ve got some pretty awesome stuff lined up. Next Saturday, May the Fourth (yes, go ahead and finish that line, you Star Wars kids), in addition to it being Free Comic Book Day continent-wide (go check it out! Support comic book stores!), we’re going to be at our first ever con! Well, our first con as The Nerdicon. So if you live in the Western North Carolina area, come see us and all sorts of geeky goodness at GeekOut Asheville! We’re hoping to record a podcast while we’re there, so feel free to drop by and say hey to us!

In July, we’ll be hitting up MonsterCon in Greenville, SC! And we’ll be selling stuff. And things. So check us out there if you can’t make it to the Asheville con! We’re super stoked about both of these!