Things that Happened: The Legend of Zelda edition.

Okay, so I had to go on a media blackout for three days this week for a class project. No phone, no television, no internet. Couldn’t even read on my Kindle. Yeah, it was…bad, to say the least. But one of the stipulations of the project was that we had to have a ful thirty minute face-to-face conversation with someone. So what do I do? Plop down with my friends and co-writers and we discuss nerdy things, as we do in the mountains of North Carolina.

Our topic of the day was related to Wreck-It Ralph and Disney’s recent purchase of Lucasfilms (which will more than likely be covered in depth in a later article). We started talking about what could be super awesome if Disney decided to go ahead and purchase Nintendo and Sega and a few other video game companies. First thought was: Oh my God, a Pixar Pokémon movie! Second thought was: Oh my God, a Pixar Legend of Zelda movie!

So obviously it made sense to ask who would voice the obnoxious little sprite, your sole constant companion, the most useless thing in the game: Navi. What we got is the following list. It started out as real actors and figures, but it then morphed into something unbelievably silly and weird.

Who should play Navi in the event of a Legend of Zelda Movie?

  1. Sam Jackson
  2. James Earl Jones
  3. Alan Rickman
  4. Fran Drescher
  5. Natalie Portman (think SNL skit)
  6. Edgar Oliver (seriously though, look this man up. You won’t regret it)
  7. Howard’s Mom (Big Bang Theory)
  8. Hugo Weaving
  9. Stephen Fry
  10. DMX
  11. Ja Rule
  12. Busta Rhymes
  13. Ice-T
  14. Ice Cube
  15. LL Cool J
  16. Snoop Lion
  17. Lady from the Sticky Buddy video
  18. Jane Lynch
  19. Stephen Hawking
  20. Abe Lincoln from Epic Rap Battles
  21. Characters from Dinosaur Office
  22. Kratos Chorus (we sing while playing God of War. Don’t judge)
  23. Kratos
  24. Barack Obama
  25. Al Pacino
  26. Robert DeNiro
  27. Don Cheadle
  28. Nolan North
  29. Mel Blanc
  30. Mel Brooks
  31. Tucker Max (Jeffery and I got a little too excited about that one. And by “a little”, I mean we were dancing around and screaming.)
  32. Christian Bale as either Batman or John Connor
  33. Bane
  34. Stitch
  35. Elvis
  36. Robin Williams
  37. Donald Glover
  38. Joe Pesci
  39. Chevy Chase
  40. Dan Aykroyd
  41. Bill Murray
  42. Jaleel White
  43. Kel Mitchell
  44. Our friend Rachel when she goes into her crazy old lady voice
  45. Betty White
  46. Nic Cage
  47. Psy
  48. Sylvester Stallone
  49. George W. Bush
  50. Liam Neeson

And there you have it. Our crazy, random list of who should voice Navi. If there’s a casting director wondering who ever should they get as the little blue ball of light, you’re welcome. We did your job for you.


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