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Hey everybody!

So we’ve got a little something special planned for the entire month of February. While everything else on the planet is full of sappy romance and really bad chocolate, we’re bringing you JOSS WHEDON MONTH. That’s right. A month of nothing but Joss Whedon retrospectives and us talking about how sad we are that we can’t go to the screening of Much Ado About Nothing in Glasgow (because we’re broke college kids). So stay tuned!

Ley, Emily, Jeffery, and Coty

Thoroughly Animated: A DC Animated Films Retrospective- Part 1

DCWhen it comes to live action films, Marvel has dominated, now more than ever. Unfortunately, DC has only managed to release a few good films, mainly consisting of Batman films, with an okay Superman flick.  Other than that, no other character in their mainstream universe seems to work well on screen (or they just refuse to put them up there). However, DC does have a one-up on Marvel when it comes to animation. And for the past six years, they have been releasing quality animated films. Continue reading

Sitting at a Round Table: Merlin in Retrospect


Never could I ever write nearly as much insightful commentary about the legend of King Arthur as there already is. There are people who have dedicated their lives to studying the Once and Future King with his duel kingdoms. I can, however, talk about King Arthur as a life-long fan of the legends. I’ve always been an Arthurian girl – and I always will be. There’s something amazing and inspiring about the legends of Arthur and his knights. Whether it’s uniting a nation with Lancelot, or even the quest for the Holy Grail, Arthur will remain one the of the West’s greatest myths.

Because of that status, there are a lot of retellings of the great and mythic Arthur. Some are awful, some are great. And some are Merlin. More recent adaptations of the tale have taken the side of telling the story through the eyes of Merlin, the old wizard who sometimes helps, sometimes hurts, but is always there. There is no true tale of Arthur without Merlin.

And that’s where Merlin comes in.

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FlashBack: Finish Line

FlashBack is a series of articles where I review comic book story arcs featuring The Flash. For those of you unfamiliar, the Flash is a superhero in the DC universe, he is known for his super speed and his quick wit. Flash is my favorite superhero, and I have a somewhat extensive collection of the character’s comics. This week’s segment is the “Finish Line” story arcOr at least that’s what I think it is called, seeing as the first issue cover shows that it is “Finish Line: Part One”,  yet every other issue has a different title. This was a tad bit confusing, as I thought I had some missing issues somewhere while reading it. This story arc spans four issues from The Flash Volume 2 issue #227-230.

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Bullets, Barrels, Babes and Bond: 50 Years of 007

James Bond was created by Ian Fleming in the early 1940s. He was originally a part of a long running book series. It wasn’t until 1962 that the first James Bond film was released: Dr. No. The film starred Sean Connery as James Bond. Dubbed with codename 007, Bond traipsed around the world, fighting bad guys with sleek gadgets and wooing women with his suave charm. The films were action packed, filled with enough one-liners to show up even Arnold Schwarzenegger. The films were cheesy, the villains were very cliché, but we loved every second of it.

As the years progressed Bond was recast; the first one being George Lazenby (with a performance so bad they had to bring back Connery for one last film). From there you have: Roger Moore (my personal favorite), Timothy Dalton, Peirce Brosnan (the worst), and finally Daniel Craig. Each actor has brought something unique to the role and made the character their own, while still reminding us that this is indeed James Bond.

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The Road So Far: A Quick Look at Seven Years of the Family Business


Supernatural is hard to explain. Well, no, that’s not right. Actually Supernatural is really easy to explain – sort of. At it’s core, the show is about two brothers who are carrying out “The Family Business” after their mother’s death sends their family in the unconventional direction of saving people and killing supernatural beings. That, however, is the least complicated thing to explain about SPN.

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