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They’re Falling: Supernatural Season 8 in Review


When Sera Gamble finally left Supernatural as showrunner, everyone rejoiced. Finally, everyone thought, the reign of (mostly) horrible story lines would be over. And, okay, they were – for the most part. Some story lines we’re stuck with because of the special kind of hell that was left over from season six and season seven. However, the guys promised us something during the summer between season seven and season eight – and they didn’t really deliver. In fact, there are certain staff writers who, when I see they’ve written an episode, I cringe and prepare myself for their lack of understanding of the world, the characters, and their audience.

Season eight was a promise, and it fell short.

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Saving People, Hunting Things: The 20 Greatest Supernatural Episodes

I love Supernatural, but you all know that. I’ve been watching the show for the past seven years or so, and I certainly have a favorite character, a favorite season, and a favorite episode. In fact, I have twenty favorite episodes. So, in honor of “LARP and the Real Girl,” which I’m sure will be a favorite for myself, I’ve completed a list of my very favorite episodes of Supernatural up to this point. Some you might agree with, others you might hate, but they are all my choices.

So, let’s begin.

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Breaking the Tablet: A Midseason Review of Supernatural


The Road So Far has been rather long, not to mention rough. Any Supernatural fan will tell you as much. For those of us who have stuck it out past the often painful last two seasons, six and seven for those of you at home, this season may or may not seem like fresh air. I guess that depends on whose side you’re on. Or rather, which brother you care about more.  Continue reading

The Road So Far: A Quick Look at Seven Years of the Family Business


Supernatural is hard to explain. Well, no, that’s not right. Actually Supernatural is really easy to explain – sort of. At it’s core, the show is about two brothers who are carrying out “The Family Business” after their mother’s death sends their family in the unconventional direction of saving people and killing supernatural beings. That, however, is the least complicated thing to explain about SPN.

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