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Flashback: The Wild Wests.

Alright Flash family, let’s take a trip on the cosmic treadmill for another Flashback! Before we get started, I need to put up a disclaimer. I really do love The Flash and his comic series; however, out of all of the good stories, there are there are plenty of bad ones, and when you love something a lot, you have to be extra critical about it. This is why I have to say without a doubt that the story arc “The Wild Wests” is terrible.

wild wests

What I don’t understand is how. Writer Mark Waid has churned out some of  DC’s greatest stories such as Kingdom Come and Superman: Birthright (which to many is the definitive Superman origin story), and had a very successful run on the Flash at one point in his career. If this is the case, then why in holy Hades did issues 231-236 suck so much?

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