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The Swinging Pendulum: Hannibal, Fannibals, and Bryan Fuller

Hannibal_2_13_13Hannibal Lecter is one of the most well-known fictional characters of all time. Thomas Harris will go down in history for changing crime novels, crime stories, and for creating the popular culture’s need for serial killers. Bryan Fuller will go down in history for creating some of the most beloved television series about death, the after life, and food. All of which were tragically cut short. Hannibal, however, has been renewed for a second season on NBC, something which Bryan Fuller was actually pretty sure about (x).

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Tasty Television: Hannibal Ceuf Webisodes

Ok, so lets just address the elephant in the room right off shall we? You see, this week’s episode was supposed to air, but unfortunately, due to sensitive subject matter in the episode, it was pulled. The episode was about a character played by Molly Shannon who was brain washing children into killing other children. Due to the recent school shootings here in America, it would probably be in bad taste to air the episode. Whether I believe this was a good move or not is irrelevant; the most important thing to remember is that this happened and we may need a little time to get past it. Continue reading

Tasty Television: Hannibal 1×03 Potage *Spoilers*

I think we are looking at a really great series here. This week’s episode of Hannibal was amazing. It opens with a flashback of the Minnesota Shrike and his daughter, Abigail Hobbs, hunting in the woods. He tells her they must use every part of the deer they kill in order to honor it. Then we get flashes of a dead human girl and she finally wakes up from her coma.  And with that, everyone wants to talk to her. This includes the ever nosy Freddie Lounds. Continue reading

Tasty Television: Hannibal 1×02 Amuse-Bouche

amouse bouche

“Killing must feel good to God, too. And are we not created in his image?” A chilling quote from Hannibal Lecter in episode two of the series Hannibal.  The episode picks up where the last one left off. Will is still experiencing nightmares from his murder of the serial killer Garrett Jacob Hobbs. Jack Crawford sends him to get evaluated by Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Meanwhile a new case has popped up in Minnesota. A man has been burying victims alive in order to grow his own mushroom farm, as well as perform a disturbing thought experiment. Continue reading

Tasty Television: A Review of Hannibal 1×01 Apéritif


Hannibal Lecter is one of America’s most iconic fictional serial killers. Created by author Thomas Harris in the 1981 novel Red Dragon, he blew up. This lead to two sequel novels, a prequel, and five films featuring the character. The book Red Dragon has been adapted twice for the big screen, the first time with the box office bomb Manhunter in 1986 a film featuring Brian Cox as the famous cannibal, then again in the 2002 film Red Dragon featuring Anthony Hopkins.  Now, in 2013 we have a third adaptation of the book with Bryan Fullers new show: Hannibal. Continue reading