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Graphically Awesome: Superman Earth One: Vol. 2

This is Graphically Awesome, a series of reviews where we look at new and old graphic novels and tell you just how awesome (or not) they are.

This time I will be looking at the stand alone graphic novel: Superman Earth One Volume 2.  The “Earth One” graphic novels are a series of books that allow different authors that work for DC to do thereSUPERMAN-EARTH-ONE-VOLUME-2-cover own take on a certain character with out the limitation of any other continuity. It can almost be treated as there version of Marvel’s “Ultimate” line of comics. The “Earth One” books are only sold in graphic novel format and should not be treated as an ongoing series. The plan is to release one every one or two years. So far there are three books in this line: Superman Earth One: Vol. 1 and 2 and Batman Earth One: Vol. 1. Continue reading