Danger is a Fact of Life for Me Now: Season 6 of True Blood in Review.

trueblood 1

We live in a world where vampires are essentially taking over. In almost every medium, from movies to comic books to television shows. The most notable of all of these and arguably the one that probably turned most people off to vampires forever was “The Twilight Saga.” This has to be one of the most polarizing franchises in existence. You either are head over heels in love with it, or despise it with every fiber of your being. I am personally not a fan of the “saga” as they call it. I find the characters to be shallow, two dimensional and the books to be filled with Mary Sues and Gary Stu’s.

However, for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction. That reaction is True Blood. The show, like Twilight, is based on a series of books. The “Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries”, to be completely accurate. And well, it is streets ahead of anything Twilight related. The fact that it is the first big vampire/all things spooky type of TV show to come out since Buffy helps it a lot. It actually feels like they took Twilight and Buffy and cocaine and put it in a blender. The show skillfully handles relationships with vampires and the repercussions of those relationships. It even has the balls to sever the main vamp relation for 3 or 4 seasons. The female characters are incredibly strong. Sookie Stackhouse, while often falling for these supernatural characters, will not take their shit if they start acting physically or emotionally abusive, or if they severely betray her trust.

true blood 3

This leads me to the current season which has just ended recently. Season 6 has had its ups and downs, but mostly its downs. The main problem is that story felt incredibly rushed. The reason for that is Anna Paquin became pregnant during the shooting of the season and out of respect for her they limited it to 10 episodes as opposed to the usual 12. Unfortunately, this impacted the storytelling and a terrible way. The character Warlow, while very interesting and very complex, does not get enough to do in the season and is relegated to being chained to a tombstone in a graveyard in the fairy dimension. However, I did enjoy the bait and switch with his character in the beginning of the season. Also his relationship with Sookie was by far the most rushed thing about the show. And his character arc just kind of ended with a Big Damn Hero moment that felt really out of place in the series.

The reason I say this is that the show has a track record of shocking status quo changing moments at the end of each season.  These moments make you grab your heart and try to calm your feels.  This season had a moment that looked like it could be scary for the main characters in the future, but the fact that we already knew what was going to happen just made it uninteresting.  That and the fact that they ended the episode on a “two years later” note.  This way they could move characters forward and develop them further as well as further their own storylines without letting feel that change.  This made everything feel very forced and rushed.  It really should have ended on the Eric’s storyline which was probably the most shocking moment in the finale.

One thing I did enjoy though was when they killed off a series regular.  That hurt me to the core.  Considering how his character had progressed through out the series it made sense that he would die and that this is how he would die.  His funeral was one of the most gut wrenching moments in the season.

true blood 4

This season was just okay.  The parts in the vampire facility were interesting and played on many Nazi themes but overall it felt rushed and had a very lackluster ending.  We give True Blood Season Six  7.5 fangs out of 10.

Coty Keziah

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