Comicky Goodness: A Review of Cannon Canvas Comics’ Übermenschen

So for those of you who didn’t know, a few weeks ago, we went to MonsterCon in Greenville, South Carolina. It was a pretty rad little con. I met up with the guys from Cannon Canvas Comics and grabbed the first issue of Übermenschen.


Yes, I have stripey bedsheets.

Übermenschen tells the story of a superteam of sorts during World War Two. Only…they aren’t the good guys. Quite the opposite. They’re Hitler’s Avengers, to put it into easy terms. There’s Dr. Matthias Schnell, the electro-torture mad scientist type; Erik Shütze, the only telekinetic the Third Reich has been able to find; Tobias Tragen, a hulking brute; and finally, Christian Tuefel, the ringleader/mastermind of the group.

The book opens with Tuefel being questioned during the Nuremburg Trials. His first line is, “I am not a villain.” Let that sink in for a hot second, okay? A man, who grouped together a bunch of other not-so-nice men, to help take over the world and commit genocide, doesn’t see himself as a villain. Which is how most of the higher ups in the Socialist German Workers’ party thought of themselves, too. They didn’t think they were the bad guys. They did what they thought they needed to do in order to pull their country out of an economic downfall.

I got chills from that page.

The rest of the story is an assembly-type tale. The gathering, if you will. We don’t know what the Übermenschen are planning to do, or what their abilities will be used for.

I’ve been obsessed with World War Two history for as long as I can remember. And, naturally, we always hear history from the winners. This tells the story from the losers and the villains’ perspectives.  I personally can’t wait for issue two.

Überviolent and very well-written, I give Übermenschen issue one 8 out of 10 shocks.


2 responses to “Comicky Goodness: A Review of Cannon Canvas Comics’ Übermenschen

  1. Wow! Thanks for the kind words. I’m extremely glad you liked it! We’ll make sure you get the next issues so you can keep the great reviews coming!

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